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2014 Insurance Organization Award Winner - Amica Insurance

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Amica Insurance

Amica's use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology in the insurance claims process enables the company to have better customer service, better loss assessments and better allocation of claims personnel. Amica's real-time catastrophe viewer application allows claims managers to identify events (weather, earthquake, wildfires, explosions, etc.) that could result in an influx of claims, and begin preparations before the first claim is reported.

"Our Geographic Information System is an example of how the latest technologies can be implemented in the claims process to help deliver better and faster service to our customers," said Mike Gillerlane, senior assistant vice president in the claims executive department at Amica. "Having access to this much actionable information, early in the process, has created a service opportunity that never existed in the past. It helps us build trust and lasting relationships with our policyholders."

Amica is able to proactively initiate the claims process for affected policyholders after certain events. For example, after a tornado strikes, potentially affected policyholders can be quickly identified so that proactive outbound calls can be made. Adjusters can be dispatched immediately to begin surveying the damage. Minutes after a hailstorm occurs, for example, the number of claims that may be reported can be accurately predicted. Oftentimes after wildfires, homeowners are evacuated for days not knowing whether or not their homes and belongings have been destroyed. Amica's technology can provide a policyholder with an aerial photo of his home within 24 hours after an evacuation. Fortunate policyholders can see their homes and have the comfort of knowing they are undamaged. A less fortunate policyholder may have a home that is completely destroyed, but can be identified by using aerial imagery, which allows Amica to issue a check for a full payment as soon as an evacuation order is lifted.

Social Responsibility and Community Leadership

GIS technology has deep roots in the public sector, and a key part of that is sharing information between public and private organizations. Many insurers have been reluctant to share information about their technology efforts to retain a competitive advantage. Meanwhile, Amica has taken on a leadership role approach with GIS technology – speaking openly at many different industry conferences – in the hopes that this application will be adopted throughout the claims industry. As awareness increases, vendors will be looking to provide additional products and GIS data feed services, which benefit the industry and consumers. Amica has been awarded several J. D. Power and Associates customer satisfaction awards and has been consistently recognized as one of the top insurers in providing customer satisfaction.

"It's an honor to receive this award from a prestigious organization like the Katie School of Insurance and Financial Services," said Sean Welch, vice president in the claims executive department at Amica Insurance. "It helps us show the next generation of insurance professionals that technology and creativity can go a long way in solving some of the challenges we face."