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2012 Innovation and Leadership Award Winner - Dan Kugler

Dan Kugler

Dan Kugler is Assistant Treasurer in Risk Management for Snap-on Incorporated, a $2.6 billion, S&P 500 company that is headquartered in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Dan began his career in insurance claims working for Heritage and Sentry insurance companies in Wisconsin. While working for Heritage Dan talked to a friend who happened to be the risk manager at Marquette University in Milwaukee. As he explained his job, it sounded interesting so Dan began to prepare and earned his ARM designation in order to build a knowledge base in the field. When a job opened up at Snap-on he was hired. His background in claims and insurance helped him in making the transition to risk management. His first job at Snap-on was a risk analyst, where he also handled claims. 32 years later, Dan does global risk management, managing risks for 1,700 vehicles worldwide as well as being responsible for global security and loss prevention and providing insurance and claims service to Snap-On Dealers around the world.

Dan states, “Our risks have changed. In the past something that happened in Argentina would not have negatively impacted Snap-on because we did not have facilities there. Today we have facilities in Argentina, China, India, Sweden, Australia and other countries. You have unique risks within a certain country that we now have to manage. There are also risks such as business continuity, emergency response, reputational risk, which have always been there, but what has changed is the interconnectivity of supply chains, distribution lines, communication channels, and cultures. The ability to anticipate and handle risk on a global basis instead of just a domestic basis has increased the significance of the role of risk management. The things that we are involved in today would not have been given serious consideration when I started with Snap-on.”

Some of the risk management innovations that Dan has helped implement to manage these changing risks include establishing captive insurance companies in Bermuda, Dublin and Malta. Another innovation is the use of technology to reduce workers compensation claims by six times by their historical standards, by quickly identifying areas requiring intervention to help prevent further losses and implementing an award winning claims administration process that increased operational efficiency.

Dan has been recognized for his expertise and contributions to the industry. In 2002 Dan was named Risk Manager of the Year by Business Insurance. Dan shares his expertise and experiences by teaching courses and doing presentations at universities in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana. He also serves on his local United Way Committee and Dan and his wife support Every Childs Placement, a daycare center for special needs children.

Dan Kugler, an example of innovation and leadership in risk management and insurance, serving the next generation, from right here in the Midwest