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MBA Program Options

Illinois State University offers two different delivery options to earn an MBA degree.  Each option follows the same curriculum and degree requirements to complete the degree.  The difference between the two are outlined below.

Traditional MBA Program

  • Courses in the Traditional MBA program are offered in a blended format and meet face-to-face on weeknights.  Each course meets one night a week for 90 minutes, with the rest of the course conducted online 
  • Students have the choice to pursue the degree part-time or full-time and can sit out a term if needed 
  • Admission to the traditional program is allowed any term (fall, spring and summer)
  • Students have complete freedom to choose the business electives they want to take to complete their degree

Corporate MBA Program

  • The Corporate MBA Program is designed for working professionals who would prefer to participate in the MBA program as part of a cohort.
  • Corporate MBA students follow a blended format during the weekend to complete the degree  
    • Each course is scheduled over a 5-week period. 
    • Students meet face-to-face during the 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturdays (10am - 5pm) for each course.  The remainder of the course is taught online.
    • Example Corporate MBA Schedule
  • Students move through the degree program together following a continuous schedule until the degree is complete  
  • A new Corporate MBA cohort begins each fall term  
  • The weekend and cohort design of the Corporate program necessitates a special fee structure, currently set at a flat fee of $625 per credit hour ($1875 per course)


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