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Faculty & Staff

Kevin Ahlgrim portrait

Dr. Kevin Ahlgrim

Associate Professor and Department Chair

(309) 438-8778

Tamra Connor portrait

Dr. Tamra Connor

Associate Dean for Accreditation and Operations & Associate Professor Business Education

(309) 438-7077

Avimanyu Datta portrait

Avimanyu Datta

Director of Means Center for Entrepreneurial Studies; Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship

(309) 438-7991

Niharika Dayyala portrait

Dr. Niharika Dayyala

Assistant Professor Business Information Systems

(309) 438-7651

Milan Dhir portrait

Milan Dhir

Instructional Assistant Professor

(309) 438-7653

Hakan Ener portrait

Hakan Ener

Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods

(309) 438-2826

Jeff Grabb portrait

Mr. Jeff Grabb

Executive Director, Technology and Facilities

(309) 438-7926

Ashley Hicks portrait

Dr. Ashley Hicks

Assistant to the Dean for Student Services

(309) 438-2251

James Jones portrait

James Jones

Director, Katie School of Insurance and Risk Management

(309) 438-3021

Somnath Lahiri portrait

Dr. Somnath Lahiri

Professor of Strategy and International Business

(309) 438-8452

Horace Melton portrait

Horace Melton

Department Chair and Associate Professor

(309) 438-7262

Vishal Midha portrait

Vishal Midha

Director of Business Administration Program; Professor of Business Information Systems

(309) 438-2276

Terry Noel portrait

Dr. Terry Noel

Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Curriculum

(309) 438-8386

Marsha Perry portrait

Marsha Perry

Faculty Resource Center Printing Coordinator

(309) 438-7364

Tobias Pret portrait

Dr. Tobias Pret

Assistant Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship

(308) 438-5701

Barbara Ribbens portrait

Dr. Barbara Ribbens

Director, Carson and Iris Varner International Business Institute

(309) 438-3283

Ed Seipp portrait

Ed Seipp

Instructional Assistant Professor

(309) 438-7786

Ginny Smith portrait

Ginny Smith

Coordinator of Academic Advisement

(309) 438-8385

Andrew Uhe portrait

Andrew Uhe

Instructional Assistant Professor

(309) 438-7261

Tina Williams portrait

Tina Williams

Management & Quantitative Methods, Department Chairperson

(309) 438-5701

Rick Wills portrait

Rick Wills

Instructional Assistant Professor

(309) 438-8428

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